ADU Security: Best Practices for Keeping Your Home Safe

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Living in a private house is certainly convenient, comfortable, and pleasant time, but along with this, it is always necessary to think about safety. In addition to a thoughtful design and high-quality life support systems, it is crucial to take care of the security of your home. It is important to protect it not only from encroachments from the outside but also from various kinds of domestic accidents that can cause significant damage.

For each homeowner, the tranquility of those who live in the house is the main priority and in this case, there is no over vigilance. The prettier and more amazing the house and plot looks, the more attractive and tempting it becomes for robbers.

There are several important rules, strict observance of which will make your life as safe as possible, and, accordingly, more calm and happy. In this review, we will tell you about all the measures that you can follow.

ADU Security Tips

There are a large number of techniques to ensure the safety of residential premises. You can find hundreds of similar ratings and collections on the Internet, however, which of all the ways is the most effective? We have chosen the most proven and reliable options for you.

  • Alarm and video surveillance

Installing an alarm system is the first thing that comes to mind when we talk about security. Nowadays, this is quite an affordable system that has been widely used in all countries. The alarm system can record violations without transmitting a signal to the monitoring console ir can function in online mode with the connection to the homeowner’s device. You can also sign a contract with an immediate response security organization, which will arrive at the place a few minutes after the alarm is activated.
Surveillance cameras for a long time were considered an attribute of spy series and special services. However, for now, this is a gadget that is quite available for ordinary citizens. You can install cameras with motion sensors and connect them with your smartphone and after that, you will have an opportunity to constantly monitor everything that happens near your house when you are not in it.

If financial opportunities do not allow you to equip the entire perimeter area with video surveillance, you can install a pair of “fake” cameras. Robbers will not know for sure where the real camera is and where it isn’t.

  • Doors, windows, and garage

Reliable metal doors with built-in two or three locks for 4 turns of the key are a good solution. Do not forget to do the same operation with the second door, if there is a black entrance. Do not leave the windows open in your absence. It is desirable to equip them with a special coating or protective tape, which will defend them from accidental breaking. Sliding windows and doors should be equipped with special reliable latches. 

The garage is a special source for intrusion among robbers. Therefore, make sure that it is as problematic as possible for violators to get inside, especially if you have a door leading from the garage directly into the main house. Everything is appropriate here, from the padlock to the ”smart lock” system, which response to the voice of the owner.

  • Lighting

As practice shows, illuminated areas are less susceptible to attack from the outside, as both thieves and stray animals love to operate in the dark. Do not help them, install lighting around the perimeter of the site with motion sensors, thereby maintaining bright daytime lighting of the site even at night.

  • Useful sensors

In addition to the external threat, there are also domestic emergencies that can ruin a life. To avoid such a scenario, consider installing smoke detectors, and gas or water leakage monitoring. Even if you do not have gas in your house, but there is a fireplace or other fire source, the sensor will notify you about the spread of carbon monoxide. These sensors can work independently or as an addition to the Smart Home system.

  • The effect of the presence

If you leave the house for quite a long time and you do not have the opportunity to hire a caretaker, it makes sense to make sure that no one from the outside knows about it. You can ask neighbors or friends you trust to pick up your mail and inspect the site for visible changes. Furthermore, you can install “smart sockets” that are programmed to turn on and off the light at the right time. On par with this, do not worry that one of the household systems will be accidentally activated, for example, an iron or a washing machine.

To create a presence effect, you can use a device that simulates the screen of a working TV, creating sound and light effects. It is also possible to install a device that reproduces a formidable dog barking when moving or trying to penetrate your living space.

On the whole, if you will take these steps, you will minimize possible intrusion into your ADU. You will no longer need to spend your nerves and emotional strength worrying about the safety of your residence.

ADU Security Hidden Gems

The methods described above are not only extremely effective but also very popular among the vast majority of homeowners. However, there are techniques that few people suspect.

We will highlight four such hidden gems in the field of ensuring the safety of living space:

  • From the point of view of cybersecurity and the preservation of personal data, we recommend setting a strong password for your Wi-Fi and cloud storage. The same can be said about the password for a Smart Home system. 
  • Get safe and do not have the habit of storing important documents and money in public places. Modern technologies make safes an impregnable fortress that even the most sophisticated thieves cannot crack. On par with this, you can always find a reliable nook for your safe in the layout of your ADU. 
  • Develop with your general contractor a special design for the walls around the ADU in the form of a hollow so you can see everything that happens outside. The fact is that too massive walls create blind spots, and too fragile walls will not become an obstacle for intruders.
  • You can insure your home in case of theft. This is an additional option that will help you get compensation if attackers bypass all other protection lines.

Overall, by implementing at least a few of these ideas, you will create an ADU in which all family members will feel not only comfortable and cozy but also as safe as possible. Do not forget also about the fact that an additional dwelling unit equipped with all these systems will cost much more in the real estate market.

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