Do you need an architect for your ADU project?

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The process of building your own ADU can seem quite overwhelming because many customers have no idea where to start. Do you always have to hire an architect? Is working with builders enough for constructing your ADU? Here are some tips on finding a proper solution and setting priorities.

Hiring a licensed team for an ADU project

It is not necessary to book a licensed design plan if you are building an ADU for your house in the USA. Nevertheless, the services of a licensed engineering team are crucially important — especially for your own safety and also for professional space organizations in your neighborhood. 

Remember that the whole construction process should comply with your own preferences and vision. That’s why hiring an architect is probably a smart choice.

Special construction drafts

You need to get special permission in order to start building your own ADU. That’s why providing construction drafts is crucial. This process requires a significant amount of time, so pay special attention to deadlines. Necessary drafts tend to include specific site plans and certain calculations, so make sure you work with a professional architectural or design construction office. 

Architect’s responsibilities

In order to build a high-quality accessory dwelling unit, you totally need to hire a professional team and a qualified architect. The inner and outer space of ADU should suit special requirements such as accessibility, functionality, and style. Most often, there are joint efforts made by an architect and builders working for the same team. While constructors are completing the technical part of the overall process, architects are more into controlling, revising, and discussing the important details to pay attention to. Eliminating problems that occur in the process is also carried out by architects.

Price rate

Usually, the price range depends on construction requirements, site plans, the total area of the building, and the complexity of the design. The average market rate tends to vary from $10 000 to $18 000 and up. We strongly recommend not saving money on construction and design services, as novice architects don’t have much experience and aren’t able to implement intricate and complicated designs. Some other factors affecting the price include your time zone and exact whereabouts.

Optimal ADU site plans offered by ADU builders cost approximately $12 000 and up, depending on your preferences and additional modifications.

Hiring a fellow architect

We all know that customers are really looking forward to saving more money and avoiding higher costs, but when it comes to construction design, you have to be especially careful. High-quality work is pricey because all safety revisions are extremely time- and effort-consuming. Only an experienced professional can implement such a project, so hiring your friend for less money is probably not a good idea.

What design building means

Design building is a process where both efforts of the architect and contractor merge. In order to get a service like that, you have to hire a special team who will evaluate, carry out, and approve all the building requirements so the process goes smoothly and without any flaws or mistakes.

ADU builders allow you to save money and stay within your deadlines even if the project is really time-consuming and intricate. One of the main perks of getting help from ADU construction teams is that all the construction and design fees are already included in the price. 

There’s no need to worry about the price, as you can fully concentrate your efforts on implementing the project in the most efficient way possible. 

Why you should hire an architect 

Not only can you get the best service, but also there is a great possibility to evaluate and manage your costs in a very effective way. Here are some reasons why you should hire an architect or a design-build contractor for your ADU project: 

  1. No need to worry about the costs. True professionals will estimate all the needed spending and, at the same time, handle design requirements for your ADU. Make sure that everything is under control. 
  2. As the construction of an ADU consists of several elements, in order to focus on work properly, there is a reason to book the “all-in” project. It includes all the costs, even those concerning pipes, water, electricity, and gas. It is much easier to carry out calculations if everything is in its place. 
  3. Construction of an ADU is a multilayered process that includes both design and building costs. All the materials used should be evaluated for durability, strength, and availability. Also, you must keep in mind that everything should look aesthetically pleasing, which is why architects work on various aspects simultaneously and revise every single detail. 

Possible ADU project scenarios

Here are some cases in which we strongly encourage you to hire a design-build specialist for building an ADU:

  • Complicated designs with a multitude of details and site plans which are intricate to carry out;
  • ADUs with special functional requirements, for instance, accessory dwelling units designed for older people and people with disabilities;
  • Smaller projects, such as garage ones, are actually quite hard to implement in a proper way.

If you are looking forward to carrying out the most intricate designs, feel free to book a consultation and hire the best ADU architects in the USA! Contact the professional team to build a dream ADU for an affordable price.

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