How to Design an ADU for Pets: Tips and Tricks

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Pets are full-fledged family members with whom we constantly spend time together, have fun, feel sad, and get the best emotions in our lives. Respectively, the life of a pet in the house should be as comfortable as for a person. 

When planning a new ADU, it is important to take into account many points so that the final living space turns out to be safe for a pet. On par with this, it is also necessary to analyze the nature of your cat, dog, or, for example, guinea pig, because, like humans, animals have their habits and preferences. 

In this review, we will talk about interesting techniques for organizing space for pets that you can implement during the construction of ADU, as well as share valuable insiders about the best furniture for pets. 

Top-7 Tips for Pets Living Space 

The house consists of many components, each of which can be customized according to the needs of pets. We highlight seven features of the organization of space for house animals, which will bring the standards of living of your pet to a new level.

  • Plan for Enough Space

The first step in designing an ADU for pets is to ensure that there is enough space to accommodate them. Pets need room to move around and play, so it is important to factor this into the design process. Consider the size of your pet and the activities they enjoy when determining the necessary square footage. For example, a larger dog may require more space for play and exercise, while a cat may prefer cozy nooks for lounging and napping.

  • Create a Pet-Friendly Layout

When designing an ADU for pets, it is crucial to think about their needs when it comes to the layout. For example, if you have dogs, you may want to consider a layout that includes a designated area for their food and water bowls, as well as a space for their bed or crate. For cats, you may want to incorporate a climbing structure or shelving that they can use to perch and play. And for birds or rabbits, you may want to include a designated area for their cages or enclosures.

  • Choose Durable and Pet-Friendly Materials

Pets can be hard on flooring, furniture, and other materials, so it is essential to choose durable and pet-friendly options when designing an ADU. For example, hardwood floors may scratch easily and are prone to damage from pet accidents, so you may want to consider tile or vinyl flooring instead. When it comes to furniture, choose materials that are easy to clean and resistant to pet hair and scratches. Leather and microfiber are both great options.

  • Incorporate Easy-to-Clean Features

Pets can be messy, so it is important to incorporate easy-to-clean features into the design of your ADU. For example, consider installing a pet shower or washing station for dogs that get muddy on walks. You may also want to include a designated area for storing pet grooming supplies, such as brushes and shampoo. When choosing countertops and other surfaces, opt for materials that are easy to wipe down and disinfect.

  • Consider the Climate

Depending on where you live, the climate can play a big role in designing an ADU for pets. For example, if you live in a hot climate, you may want to incorporate features that help keep your pets cool, such as ceiling fans or air conditioning. If you live in a colder climate, you may want to consider heated flooring or a fireplace to keep your pets cozy and warm.

  • Incorporate Outdoor Space

If you have pets, chances are they love spending time outdoors. When designing an ADU for pets, consider incorporating an outdoor space that is both safe and functional for your furry friends. For example, you may want to include a fenced-in area where your dogs can run and play or a screened-in porch where your cats can lounge in the sun without the risk of escaping.

  • Think About Safety

Finally, when designing an ADU for pets, safety should be a top priority. Make sure that any materials you choose are non-toxic and safe for pets. Consider adding safety features, such as child locks on cabinets that store cleaning supplies, to keep your pets out of harm’s way. And, if you have a fenced-in outdoor area, make sure that it is secure and free from any potential hazards, such as sharp objects or toxic plants.

On the whole, the implementation of at least 2-3 positions from this list will make the stay of a pet in the house more cozy, diverse, and, most importantly, safe. By the behavior of a pet, you will see how much life has changed for the better way. 

The Best Furniture for a Pet 

Of course, someone will say that a pet can use the same furniture as a person. For example, many dogs sleep in the same bed with the owner, and on the one hand, there is nothing wrong with that. However, on the other hand, special furniture will allow your pet to develop, make the life of animals healthier, and save you from the need to buy new covers for a sofa or armchair. 

Take a closer look at the following options of furniture for a pet:

  • A pet-friendly sofa. Look for a sofa that is made of durable, pet-friendly materials, such as leather or microfiber, and has a washable cover for easy cleaning.
  • A pet bed that doubles as a side table. Opt for a stylish pet bed that can also serve as a functional side table, allowing your pet to be close to you while still having their own space.
  • A cat tree or climbing shelf. Cats love to climb and perch, so a cat tree or climbing shelf is the perfect addition to any pet-friendly home.
  • A built-in feeding station. Create a custom feeding station that is built into your kitchen island or cabinetry to keep your pet’s food and water bowls out of the way.
  • A cozy window seat. Create a cozy window seat for your pet to curl up and enjoy the view, complete with a soft cushion and a warm blanket.
  • A pet-friendly rug. Choose a rug that is both stylish and durable, with a low pile that is easy to clean and resistant to pet hair.
  • A scratching post or pad. If you have a cat, make sure to provide them with a designated scratching area, such as a scratching post or pad, to help keep their claws healthy and sharp.

Overall, the purchase of this furniture makes life better not only for the pet but also for the owner, because performing some household tasks will become easier. It is not necessary to buy all of the above models at one time. Start with one thing to figure out what your pet likes best.

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