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For most people, small houses are associated with a lack of free space, crowding, and discomfort, so almost always people dream of large and spacious areas. However, if we delve into history, we will understand that for many centuries people have lived in modest conditions, but they managed to create a warm and cozy atmosphere.   

Confirmation of this statement is easy to find in the movies, for example, in the film “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”, the whole family of Buckets, consisting of seven people, lived in a very small apartment, but they effectively used every square foot. So, maybe the idea of the tightness of small houses is nothing more than a myth? 

In this review, we will present you with interesting facts about accessory dwelling units and dispel some untrue legends about this type of housing. 

Top 7 Intriguing Facts about ADU 

In the process of creating this rating, it turned out that there are so many myths about tiny homes in society that it is not possible to fit them into one rating.

In this regard, we have selected for you the seven most noteworthy: 

  1. There is no storage suit in ADU 

Almost every homeowner has a trait that is characteristic of such characters as Scrooge McDuck or Mr. Krabs, namely the ability to accumulate unnecessary things. For many years we have been buying things that then gather dust in boxes in the basement. Many ADUS do not have an additional storage room for such purposes, however, they solve the problem differently. 

Living in ADU develops the habit of using every square foot efficiently. For example, in large houses, no one thinks that it is possible to place shelves on the walls, install vertical cabinets or buy a sofa with built-in drawers. There is a lot of space in small houses, the main thing is to learn how to use it correctly.   

  • It is impossible to be alone in small houses 

This stereotype formed because in recent years people have become accustomed to huge apartments with an area of more than 1000 square feet. If we look at other countries, we will find that the vast majority of people have much more modest opportunities, however, they manage to find a place for solitude, rest, relaxation, yoga, or meditation. 

Applying fantasy and abstract thinking, we will find out that such a place exists in every ADU. For example, a free terrace, a balcony on the second floor where you can breathe fresh air, or a place by the window where you can hang a hammock and listen to music after a working day. 

  1. ADUs are fragile and unsafe 

If you knew the whole list of criteria that need to be met when building an ADU, then you would never have believed in this statement. ADUs are built according to all safety standards, have a stable foundation, and have a reliable roof that can withstand more than a hundred kilograms of snow. Moreover, the panels that make up the ADU are manufactured in such a way that the final design remains intact after the most powerful gusts of wind and tornadoes. So, while living in ADU, you will feel like in a fortress. 

  • A small house is not a place for a pet 

On the one hand, this is so, because if you want to get a St. Bernard, then no ADU area is enough for this breed. On the other hand, if you are the owner of a pomeranian or a beagle, then the ADU area is ideal for these dogs. Moreover, a small house will encourage you to spend more time with your dog in the fresh air, which is useful both for a pet who will feel freedom, and for you, because daily hiking is the key to good health. 

  • Small houses are energy-intensive 

Most likely, this myth was invented by some opponents of ADU, because if we will look at any rating of the ADU advantages, we will find that one of the reasons for buying this housing is to reduce utility costs. Modern ADUs are equipped with solar panels, and smart water and light control systems, they are completely environmentally friendly and do not leave waste after construction. 

  1. ADU can not be unique 

This myth can be dispelled in two words because one of the names of ADU is “custom home.” That is, you can arrange the interior, choose the design and furniture, and determine the color of the walls or tiles according to all wishes and ideas. Most contractors adapt to the requirements of customers, so the final version of the ADU turns out to be unique and has no analogs. Each element of the living space can be customized and this is not an exaggeration. 

  • ADU is not a place for guests 

Associations with small spaces also give rise to the idea that in a tiny home, it is impossible to organize a large feast with friends, relatives, or colleagues. However, as with other positions, this is nothing more than a myth. There are two-story ADUs in which there is enough space not only for a joint dinner but also for the arrangement of guests for the night. There are also layouts of a one-story ADU with two bedrooms or an ADU with a cozy attic where children can sleep.

On the whole, as we can see, most of the negative reviews about ADU are only misconceptions and far-fetched problems. ADU is a very functional living space that can be used efficiently and sometimes even more practical than a giant apartment. 

Hidden Facts about ADU

We have mentioned the advantages of ADU more than once, and now it is time to delve into this topic and talk about some aspects that some homeowners do not even suspect. These facts may inspire you to build an ADU. 

Here are the most important of them:

  • ADUs can be constructed from a variety of materials, including wood, steel, and concrete, and can be designed to blend seamlessly with the existing property.
  • ADUs can provide a significant source of rental income, helping homeowners to pay off their mortgages and build equity in their properties.
  • ADUs can be used to accommodate multi-generational living arrangements, allowing elderly parents or adult children to live independently while remaining close to family members.
  • ADUs can be constructed relatively quickly and affordably compared to traditional home construction, making them an attractive option for homeowners looking to expand their living space without breaking the bank.
  • ADUs can help to preserve the character and history of older neighborhoods by providing modern housing options that blend seamlessly with the existing architecture.
  • ADUs can be used as a tool for social justice and affordable housing, providing low-income families with affordable housing options that are close to job opportunities and public transportation.

Overall, by understanding the facts and debunking the myths surrounding ADUs, homeowners can take advantage of this unique housing option and enjoy the benefits of increased living space, rental income, and sustainable living.

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