The Role of Natural Light in ADU Design: Tips for Maximizing Sunlight

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Filling the premises with natural sunlight is one of the key tasks of builders when implementing the ADU project. Very often weather conditions, such as clouds, fog, or autumn grayness do not allow you to use all the advantages of natural light, so at times when the sun is shining at full it is necessary to fully enjoy this moment. 

However, why is natural light so important? Various studies have shown that people who live and work in rooms with lots of natural light sleep better are more physically active, and feel calmer and happier. Those who spend a significant part of the day in a bright room, admit that they feel more cheerful and productive.

In this review, we will talk about the techniques that can be used in the construction of ADU to maximize the amount of natural light, as well as share a list of unusual window shapes that will help achieve this goal.   

Maximizing Sunlight Strategies 

The modern construction industry is developing at such a pace that now with the help of architectural technologies and design solutions it is possible to solve any problem and the creation of a maximally illuminated room is not excluded.


  • Placement and Size of Windows

The placement and size of windows are crucial in ADU design as they can significantly impact the amount of natural light that enters the space. When designing an ADU, it is essential to identify the areas that need more natural light and then strategically place windows in those locations. For example, if the ADU is a one-bedroom unit, the bedroom should have large windows that face east or west to allow the early morning or evening sun to enter the space.

Another crucial factor to consider is the size of the windows. The larger the windows, the more natural light they can let in. However, it is important to balance the size of the windows with energy efficiency. Using energy-efficient windows will help retain heat during the colder months, which can save on heating costs.


  • Reflective Surfaces

Another way to maximize natural light in ADU design is by incorporating reflective surfaces into the space. This can include using materials like polished concrete, glossy tiles, and mirrors. Reflective surfaces can help bounce natural light around the space, making it feel brighter and more spacious.

However, it is important to be strategic with the placement of reflective surfaces to avoid creating glare or uncomfortable lighting conditions. For example, placing a mirror opposite a large window can create too much brightness in the room.


  • Use Light Colors and Materials

Some techniques do not directly create conditions for more natural color, but enhance this effect. In particular, these are light paints for walls and ceilings, which visually expand the space when it is filled with light. In contrast, dark tones such as gray, charcoal black, or chocolate brown will visually reduce the room, and in cloudy weather put pressure on residents. Furthermore, we recommend choosing light roller blinds and translucent tulle, as they conduct sunlight better and create a light and pleasant atmosphere in the living room.


  • Consider the Surrounding Environment

The surrounding environment can significantly impact the amount of natural light that enters an ADU. For example, if the ADU is located in an area with tall trees or buildings, it may be more challenging to maximize natural light. In these situations, it is important to strategically place windows to capture as much natural light as possible.

Another consideration is the orientation of the ADU. If the ADU is located in a northern climate, it may be beneficial to orient the windows to face south to capture the most sunlight. Similarly, if the ADU is located in a southern climate, it may be more beneficial to orient the windows to face north to avoid excessive heat gain.


  • Outdoor Spaces

Outdoor spaces can also play a significant role in maximizing natural light in ADU design. Incorporating outdoor spaces like decks or patios can help expand the living space, creating more opportunities for natural light to enter the ADU. Additionally, outdoor spaces can provide shade in the summer, reducing the amount of heat gain in the ADU.

Overall, as you can see, there are many options for how to fill your ADU with sunlight as much as possible. Depending on the layout of the room and the location of the building, you can determine the tactics that best suit you. 

Window Shapes for Maximum Natural Light in ADU 

In the modern world, no one will be surprised by ordinary rectangular or round windows. Each designer will easily present you several dozen modifications, each of which will have a set of unique advantages. 

We have identified four of the most non-trivial options for you:

  • Bay windows. This format represents convex windows, which, like a hatch on a submarine, protrude beyond the boundaries of the wall plane. This allows you to increase the angle of light that illuminates the room. 
  • Clerestory windows. Usually, the windows are located at the level of the human head, so that it is convenient to open and wash them. However, this option is located right at the border of the ceiling, so that during dawn, when the sun gradually rises to the zenith, it fills the room with light more and more. At the same time, this format is completely private, since no one sees what is happening in the ADU. 
  • Skylights. These windows will be useful to you when the sun is at its peak point because they are located on the roof. Some skyscrapers have completely glass roofs and for this reason, they are fully illuminated by natural light. 
  • Sliding glass doors. The transition of the window format from the interior to the open space. When night falls or a cloudy day happens without sunlight, then you can keep these windows closed and use lamps. However, as soon as the sun appears in the sky, with one movement of your hand, you can let its light into the interior of the room.

On the whole, the final choice depends on your preferences and tastes. In any case, each of these window forms will allow you to fill your ADU with sunlight every day, delight with bright colors, cheer up and fill with energy.

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