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An accessory dwelling unit (ADU) is an extra residential area having in itself all the basic comforts of human life: a kitchen, a bedroom, and a bathroom. This small living area is located on the same plot of land that the main house already occupies. Accessory dwelling units can be directly adjacent to the primary residence or stay alone to create extra living space.

If you have thought of building a guest house, raising your property value, or creating a source of rental income, ADUBUILDERSUSA is here to make your ADU project a reality. Experienced ADU builders from ADUBUILDERSUSA will manage the whole process of your dream ADU’s planning and construction.

Start building an ADU with professional builders, designers, and architects that will take into account your unique needs and help you meet the planned budget! If you’re homeowners contact ADUBUILDERSUSA right now to get started with your ADU project!

Accessory Dwelling Units: Types and Purposes

Affordable housing is no longer a distant dream. With the advent and improvement of ADU construction technologies, the possibilities for a family to increase the amount of habitable space on the same property have greatly multiplied.

ADUBUILDERSUSA offers several types of accessory dwelling units for construction:

Attached ADUs

The attached ADU units are additional construction adjacent to the house, but they have a separate entrance. Such a structure is not part of the main construction, but it has a common wall with it.

Detached ADUs

Detached accessory dwelling units are structures fenced off from the primary house located in the backyard. There is no common wall between the house and an ADU. However, before building such an ADU, make sure that your local law allows it. ADU builders are responsible, among other things, for being aware of the ADUs permitted in your area, taking into account your property specifics, developing architectural plans, and many other things a layperson may not know about.

Garage conversions

A garage conversion is basically not a new ADU but a modified version of the old one. Conversions, as well as other accessory dwelling unit types, include the food preparation area, sleeping area, restroom, and sometimes a laundry room. The only difference is in the execution process. Although the frame of the building is already there, ADU builders still need to strengthen the walls, add windows, conduct electricity and sewerage, etc.

Homeowners resort to building accessory dwelling units for a variety of reasons, including:

Granny flat

ADUs are sometimes called granny flats because they allow an extended family the opportunity to live together, take care of the elderly and children, and free parents (or grown children of aging parents) from the necessity to hire nannies.

ADU beneficial options

Let us consider the most common benefits homeowners can get by adding an ADU to their main house space:

  • Extra guest house

A wonderful way to make use of extra living space is to house guests. Many homeowners have friends and relatives from other cities or states, and some have friendly ties in other countries. In order not to crowd in front of the master bathroom every morning during the guest visit, you can make an additional living unit. Moreover, in the absence of guests, it can also be used in any of the following ways.

  • Rent

Turn losses into profits? If the cost of building an ADU sends chills through your body, consider the following: an average rental sum per month may differ from $1,500 to $2,500 depending on the size and location of the ADU. And this is only from one person! In addition to the fact that you can use this space for your needs during the absence of tenants, you can also be content with passive income that pays off your investments.

  • Increasing property value

An accessory dwelling unit significantly increases the value of your property if you’re planning to sell it. Therefore, if, for example, the sale of a renovated house is in your plans, along with adding another unit to the property, you will get a significant profit.

How to Pick a Great ADU Builder 

ADU construction requires expertise and knowledge of federal and California state ADU building laws as well as regulations. Can you erect a building in your backyard? Can the owner be a different person than the one who owns the primary building and the plot of land?

Obtaining construction permits, floor-by-floor planning, and selection of materials – all these are integral parts of project management.

So, what benefits might ADUBUILDERSUSA offer?

  1. This reputable ADU builder has a long history of creating affordable housing for its clients. This is confirmed by the fact that they have various certificates and an extensive gallery of completed projects.
  2. ADUBUILDERSUSA project managers provide clear information during the process. The team of professionals will assist by setting up estimates, drawing up a construction plan, and immediately building modern ADU units.
  3. Adhering to the time and quality agreements, ADU builders in California provide a speedy, clean job to remodel the space on your plot in a way that’s suitable for residential living.
  4. Being well acquainted with the process and having accumulated experience behind them, a team of experienced specialists is responsible for the construction and style, for hiring competent workers, for the purchase of high-quality materials that will stand the test of time, and for obtaining permits.
  5. The ADUBUILDERSUSA team will calculate the cost of your dream home project in advance so that there are no surprises leading to unforeseen expenses.

Schedule a preliminary consultation to outline a work plan and get full information about the cost of building an ADU on the basis of your participation, taking into account your individual requirements!

Frequently Asked Questions — FAQ

How much does it cost to build an ADU?

ADUs’ construction price may depend on several factors, including square footage, internal furnishing, and material quality. Standard ADUs created with the use of proper materials will cost from $150 to $300 per square foot. Usually, ADUs come in sizes between 600 and 1200 sq. ft., with each having a unique configuration. Thus, the minimum sum of construction costs alone comes out to about $90,000 plus labor costs, permitting fees, and others.

Are there hidden costs of ADUs construction?

To set up an ADU, you may need to do several other jobs. This includes removing trees, leveling the site, and uprooting stumps. Moreover, you may need to upgrade your electrical panels to meet the needs of the second dwelling unit. Also, when starting a project, don’t disregard the costs of the interior design.

Is an ADU a good investment?

As we have already found out, an ADU brings not only rental income but also additional profit from the sale of the house. If you want passive income or to increase the cost of a plot with a house, just add an ADU there.

What steps should be taken to build an ADU?

First of all, contact ADUBUILDERSUSA for a preliminary consultation. After the final cost of the project is given to you and the construction and legislative details are explained, it will be possible to start signing the contract.

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