Garage Conversion

Every house has a space that homeowners use inefficiently. It may be forced by unused things or even empty for many years, although with proper planning and renovation, it could improve your existing house and increase its value with a potential sale in the future. One of these living spaces is the old garage.

A garage conversion is one of the best ways to get more living space without extremely high costs and big reconstruction time. Cooperating with a highly professional contractor allows you to transform the garage into any room, be it a home gym or an extra bedroom.

In this review, we will talk about the beneficial recommendations that you need to know if you are thinking about garage conversion, present the coolest and most interesting ideas for garage redevelopment, and discuss the company ADUBUILDERSUSA, which performs any home project at the highest level. 

Garage Conversions with ADUBUILDERSUSA

The most difficult stage in the garage conversion realization is the choice of a contractor who can create a dream project and fulfill all desires at the highest level. Very often, homeowners make a mistake with the final pick, which can cost them a lot of money and emotional losses. Fortunately, you are reading this review, where we talk about ADUBUILDERSUSA, which enjoys great trust and popularity among customers.

Here are a few specific reasons that will convince you that you can entrust the living space to the hands of masters from this company: 

  • Rich background. ADUBUILDERSUSA specialists are ready to take on a project of any complexity, primarily because they have a large portfolio of orders completed at the highest level. In order not to be unfounded, you can visit the company’s website to get acquainted with photos and video materials of old garages that the builders turned into beautiful spaces.
  • Assistance with legal issues. As we noted earlier, most garage conversions require legal settlements, the rules of which vary from state to state. Fortunately, the ADUBUILDERSUSA team includes the best lawyers who will help you arrange all the papers according to the law.
  • The possibility of receiving a free consultation. At the first meeting with the manager of the company, you will be introduced to the entire working staff, they will present you with a renovation plan and will reveal garage conversion cost. In the future, specialists will always be in touch with you to help with advice. For example, which vaulted ceiling is better to choose, which material is worth buying, and which is not.
  • Availability of a license. ADUBUILDERSUS is an officially registered company that has all the necessary documents confirming this fact. Many homeowners worry that the chosen firm will turn out to be fraudulent. However, ADUBUILDERSUS customers have never had such worries and will never have.
  • Diversity of employees. Each member of the ADUBUILDERSUSA team regularly takes advanced training courses, pumping skills and expanding their arsenal. The company encourages the use of a creative approach, does not restrict employees, and creates maximum comfortable conditions. In turn, this has a positive effect on the efficiency and quality of the final work.

All in all, converting a garage into a comfortable living space is a difficult task, the execution of which is subject only to the masters of their craft, which are specialists from ADUBUILDERSUSA. Every step of the project, starting with the installation of the garage door opening system and ending with adding insulation for the floor and walls, will be performed at the world level.

Garage Conversion Useful Tips for homeowners

Although compared to other large-scale renovation projects that can be implemented in your house, a garage conversion is a small change, however, this process requires careful preparation from the elaboration of the working plan to the settlement of all legal aspects.

In this regard, we have prepared for you a list of facts that you need to analyze before starting work on garage conversion: 

  1. Get planning permission. The transformation of the garage into a living space will entail some bureaucratic procedures. For example, with the advent of a freestanding new room or guest house, the creation of an additional parking space may be required. Not all homeowners know this moment. However, its non-compliance can lead to both a penalty and a ban on construction.
  2. Make the room warm. It is very rare to find a garage that will be equipped with fiberglass insulation, so some changes related to insulation will be required at the first stage of conversion. By adding windows, door, and wall insulation, you will make a comfortable space out of a cold garage, which will be characterized by maximum convenience when it is not too hot in warm weather indoors, and quite cozy at low temperatures.
  3. Refit the garage floor. Another hidden fact that more than half of people do not suspect is that the thickness of the floors in the garage can be a couple of dozen inches less than in the main house. Accordingly, to comply with all building codes in your state, you need to raise the floor level. This aspect is also important from the point of view of safety because a thin floor, coupled with new plumbing and electrical systems, can endanger new space.
  4. Install protection for functional systems. In most cases, in the garage, all pipes, wires, or electrical shields are in plain sight without protection, which is unacceptable for living space, especially if it is a playroom for children or a new bedroom. On par with this, the systems can work perfectly without the need to replace them, so the best strategy would be to isolate all potentially dangerous areas by installing cabinets.
  5. Expand or narrow the garage door. If your garage was not adapted to parking, then most likely, a narrow doorway was installed in it, which will need to be expanded to visually enlarge the living space. In contrast, if the garage door was built in the format of a large gate from ceiling to floor, it would have to be reduced according to the usual needs.
  6. Evaluate your financial capabilities. The average garage conversion cost varies from 20,000 to 70,000 dollars. As you can see, the scope is very large, and without the help of professionals, you will not be able to make an accurate assessment of future costs. For this reason, at the first stage of interaction with the contractor company, it is very important to get a free estimate to understand what budget is needed for the garage conversion project.

All in all, all these moments are very hard to remember for an ordinary homeowner who is implementing garage conversion for the first time. You can not do without the assistance of masters, and the best company, which will help you at all stages of the project, is ADUBUILDERSUSA.

The Best Garage Conversion Ideas

There are many options for how you can convert your garage into a new functional and convenient space for all family members. The coolest thing is that if you choose ADUBUILDERSUSA, then our engineers and builders will implement any of your ideas. However, we have collected for you the most attractive and interesting garage conversion variations that you may like.

Home Cinema

Every moviegoer at least once in his life dreamed of his own space, where he could enjoy a movie not on a small laptop or phone monitor, but on a large screen with surround sound. Creating a home cinema allows you to gather friends, colleagues, and family to watch any movies. Moreover, in this room, you can put racks where you will place a collection of DVDs so that they do not gather dust in a box. You can also hang your favorite movie posters on the walls or make movie art.

In total, among all garage conversion ideas with which customers turn to ADUBUILDERSUSA, the home theater is in the first place because it brings the most positive emotions, fun, and will never be idle. 

Home Office

The main consequence of the coronavirus pandemic was the widespread transition to remote work. Many people continue to work in this format even after all restrictions are lifted. However, the question arises whether it is possible to show good results and efficiency when children are making noise in your house or pets are running around. Of course not; that’s why every person who works online needs his or her own small office, and this is one of the reasons to think about garage conversion.

A new room allows you to concentrate on your work, not be distracted by extraneous sounds, and immerse yourself in your thoughts. To make the space more comfortable, you can conduct air conditioning and put a coffee machine or a sofa for breaks. 

Guest House

What is the biggest problem with the arrival of relatives, friends, and any other guests? Their placement in the house is accompanied by all sorts of inconveniences because, at one point, the existing space becomes insufficient. Fortunately, converting a garage into a guest house solves this problem. The new living space will be equipped with everything you require, starting with a separate bed and ending with a small shower room. Guest suite saves you from any potentially uncomfortable situations when you need to share space.

On par with this, if this habitable space has been idle for a long time without use, then you can always rent it out to a young student for little money. The leaseholder will have a place to live, and you will have a passive income. 

Habitable annex

Most garages are equipped for parking one car, so transformed into living area conversions are compact enough, only for one room. However, if you are the owner of a double garage, which is located in a sorry state, then you can turn it into a new space that will include all life support systems. In particular, a sitting area with a TV, a place for cooking, a small bathroom, and a bedroom. In other words, this is, to some extent, ADU, which costs much less because it does not require the construction of the main building.

The resulting garage conversion can be used for various purposes. For example, if a big event is taking place in your house and your existing kitchen is not enough to cook all the dishes, then you can use additional space in a newly converted garage.

Utility Room

This option is regularly included in the ratings of the best small garage conversion ideas because the project of creating a utility room is not expensive and quick to implement. However, this new space can solve a lot of everyday problems. For example, you will have an additional room for storing clothes, which means there will be more space in the main building. The same can be said about washing machines and dryers that will not eat up square feet in your bathroom.

Moreover, the new laundry room can be equipped with large windows so that natural light arrives there, and the washed things are dried in the summer under the rays of the sun, and this, in turn, saves energy. 

Man Cave

Every man keeps the dream of creating a man cave where he can place all his things, install game systems, and invite friends to do what they love most. In the house, there is not enough space for these purposes. However, garage conversion solves this issue. In the new man’s room, you can arrange a small kitchen and a bar with your favorite drinks, football or pool table, PS4 with a large plasma, and much more.

You can also organize a new wall, on which you can place shelves with a collection of cars or figures of basketball players. There will also be a few square feet left for a sleeping area where friends can stay if the party drags on into the morning.

Home Gym

Before that, we talked about a household, slipping, or dining space; however, we did not mention sports, which is also an integral part of our life. For a working person, going to the gym is not a very practical activity because no one has an extra two or three hours a day on the way to the fitness club. Nevertheless, it is necessary to keep the body in good condition, and a home gym can help you with this, as it can be organized in the garage. There is enough room in it for the location of all the necessary equipment, for example, a treadmill, a rowing simulator, or a Smith installation, on which all types of barbells can be compactly placed.

On par with this, the room can be made energy efficient so that all these simulators do not consume a lot of electricity. The main advantage of this space is that you do not even need to go outside to visit the gym room because the garage door can be adjacent to the main building. The gym can be visited by all members of your family to strengthen their health and spirit.

In sum, as you can see, extra living space, which is used for its intended purpose, can bring plenty of benefits, both material and emotional, a lot of positive feelings and fun. A properly designed garage conversion can help bring children’s dreams to life, unite a family, or even save a person from mental burnout. So if you live in USA and are thinking about the garage conversion project, then contact ADUBUILDERSUSA.

Frequently Asked Questions — FAQ

Do I need permission to convert my garage?

Yes, for the majority of projects that involve reformatting a garage in a living space, you need to get permission. Converted space must be registered under all legal norms. For this reason, converting a garage into a liveable space should be handled by professionals at all stages, from paperwork to project delivery.

What types of garage conversions exist?

The list of garage conversion ideas is huge; however, as practice shows, the most popular options are the guest suite, a family vacation space, a home office, or a home cinema. Any of these types of garage transformation can be implemented by builders from ADUBUILDERSUSA.

What is the first step in the implementation of real-life garage projects?

All garage conversations begin with the planning of the future liveable space. Then the specialists begin basic work, which may include wiring underfloor heating, raising the floor space level, and installing new garage doors. This helps to create the foundation for a perfect space that all members of your family will enjoy.

Is it cheaper to convert a garage or build an extension?

Without a doubt, a garage conversion requires less investment than any type of extension project. So, garage conversion cost in most cases does not exceed $70,000—$80,000, while the price tag for the smallest addition starts at $100,000. At the same time, garage conversion adds as much comfort, coziness, and functionality as most home addition categories.

Do garage conversions add value?

Implementing at least one of the many garage conversion ideas is probably one of the best ways to increase the value of a house. This method does not require large cash injections, will bring a lot of benefits, and will be implemented quickly, especially if you entrust your house in the hands of high-class craftsmen from ADUBUILDERSUSA.

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