Granny Flat

I guess all homeowners have at least once in their lives found themselves in a situation when relatives come for holidays or vacations. In addition to a pleasant pastime, this fact promises a lot of inconveniences because your family is forced to share living space with other people, which very often leads to various embarrassing and uncomfortable situations.

Fortunately, there is a solution to this problem, namely, the construction of a granny flat. This tiny house, which is equipped with all basic life support systems, is located on the same territory as the main building and can perform many useful functions, except for the placement of relatives in it.

In this review, we will talk about what a granny flat is, what benefits this accessory dwelling unit can bring, and which developer company you can contact if you are planning to build a granny flat.

What is Granny Flat?

A granny flat is an additional living space that can be attached to the primary residence; that is, it has a common basement with it or can stand separately, e.g., in the backyard or on the site of the old garage. This type of property is characterized by a small area and is suitable for single-family living.

This accessory dwelling unit has such a name because, most often, homeowners build it as housing for elderly family members. However, friends, visiting colleagues, or fellow students of your child can also live in it. Granny flat has many other names, among which you can most often find such variants as a casita, in-law suite, bonus unit, or mother-in-law apartment.

The important point is that if you have decided to build a granny, then you need to clarify all legal zoning laws, and specialists from ADUBUILDERSUSA will help you with this.

Granny Flat Benefits

A granny flat is a very multifunctional accessory dwelling unit that can bring profit even when no one lives in it. If you do not believe this statement, we will provide proof now.

Here are the top 5 reasons that will motivate you to build a granny flat:

  1. Increasing the value of the existing property. Any variation of granny flats will significantly raise the price of your house because every additional square foot is valued in the housing market. If there is a new granny flat in your backyard, it will instantly attract the attention of buyers in case of a potential sale of the house.
  2. Housing for elderly relatives. When our parents get older, we want to spend more time with them. However, this is difficult to implement if you live in different cities. From all sides, a profitable solution is to create a granny flat in which aging relatives can enjoy life next to you.
  3. For work purposes. Many homeowners note that it is very difficult to concentrate in a noisy house full of kids and pets. However, if you have a granny flat, then you can use it as an office to communicate with colleagues in silence, do work, and present projects.
  4. Getting rental income. A granny flat can act as a renting space that you can provide to a young man or girl. It is not suitable for large families; however, this space is adequate enough for the comfortable housing of a single person or a young couple. You will receive money as passive income and will cover construction costs faster.
  5. Low reconstruction cost. Granny flats are very small buildings, the area of which rarely exceeds 300 square feet, and sometimes you can find options for 70 square feet. Accordingly, their construction will not require large investments that will hit your budget. However, any costs for the granny flat are guaranteed to pay off soon.

Overall, if you want to become the owner of a perfect granny flat, then we recommend contacting the masters from ADUBUILDERSUSA. They always perform work at the highest level, listen to the wishes of customers, and implement any ideas.

The Best Granny Flat Options

There are a huge number of granny flats designs, so it is very difficult to decide on the structure of the building. To dispel your dilemma, we have prepared four of the most in-demand styles for this single-family home.

Attached Granny Flat

The main feature of such an ADU is that it has a common wall (at least one) with the main house, as well as these buildings having joint and adjacent grounds. You are just adding more space and increasing the number of square feet, with the only difference, namely, your primary house and granny flat will have different entrance doors.

Detached Granny Flat

A detached building is distinguished by an increased degree of privacy because it is fenced and occupies a separate territory while legally being in the same space as the main home. You can earn money on such an in-law suite since a person can rent it from you.

Two-Story Granny Flat

This type of property has several advantages and limitations. The first category includes an extended space in which no one will be cramped, the presence of a terrace on which you can breathe fresh air, and the availability of parking space. In contrast, it is necessary to think through security because older relatives may find it difficult to climb the stairs, and also you need to think through all the legal factors.

Studio Granny Flat

This detached house is more like a space for relaxing in the backyard because studio granny flats can be made in the format of playrooms for friends, gyms, or places for art classes. In addition, such a single-family home can be equipped with a swimming pool or a space for playing basketball.

Overall, there are other variants of property style in the format of the granny flat, so if you want to get acquainted with the full list, you can call the manager or come to the office of ADUBUILDERSUSA.


The only question that customers are most concerned about is the choice of a contractor who will implement a perfect granny flat project. The firm that you trust with your property should meet all expectations. However, there is no sense in spending hours searching because now we will tell you about ADUBUILDERSUSA.

The main reasons for the coolness of the amenities provided by this company include:

  • Rich experience. Specialists from ADUBUILDERSUSA are ready to take on a project of any complexity because they have made plenty of granny flats at the world level.
  • Free consultation. In the description of many companies, the provision of free estimates is referred to; however, in ADUBUILDERSUSA this component is taken to another standard. At the first meeting, you will have the opportunity to ask all the questions you are interested in and get a work plan or monetary advice that will eliminate the need to take a large mortgage. If you have a busy lifestyle, managers are ready to consult online.
  • Highly qualified crew. All employees of the company regularly take advanced training courses. This allows them to expand their arsenal of professional skills and improve the quality of work performed.
  • The possibility of customization. If you want to get a living space with a unique style, then it is enough to describe the ideas to the designers from ADUBUILDERSUSA. They can customize both the entire building and individual rooms, e.g., the kitchen or bathroom.
  • Modern approach. The company does not use standard and clichéd solutions. Instead, an individual approach is carried out to each type of property to please families with creativity and non-standard design.

On the whole, if you dream of a granny flat in the backyard, where you will spend time with your loved ones, then rather contact ADUBUILDERSUSA. High-quality amenities and world-class maintenance are waiting for you.

Frequently Asked Questions — FAQ

Why is it called a granny flat?

In most cases, the granny unit is used as housing for elderly family members because its area is designed for two people, namely, grandparents. In a granny flat, aging relatives will feel as comfortable as possible because the living space is equipped with a kitchen, a bedroom, a safe bathroom, and all the necessary systems.

What’s the difference between granny flats and ADUs?

The list of accessory dwelling units includes granny flats because this is one of its types. As with ADUs, homeowners can choose a strapped or freestanding in-law suite. On par with this, we should not forget about the legal aspects that are also characteristic of the granny unit.

What are the different types of granny flats?

The choice of granny flat type depends on your goals. First of all, it can be a small house for older relatives; you can also build a granny unit in the style of a home office, a two-story house, a building with a garage, or a studio that is referred to together with a swimming pool and a place for a grill.

How much does it cost to build a granny unit in California?

One of the main advantages of this single-family home is the relatively small investments and costs that are required from homeowners because the structure of such houses is not complicated itself, and the area rarely exceeds 300 square feet. In addition, in California, you can find a company ADU BUILDERS USA which will help you pick the best financing options at all stages of construction.

What are the advantages of granny flats?

This accessory dwelling unit is guaranteed to pay off the investment because this extra space can be used as an area for renting, will increase the value of your home, will allow you to place elderly relatives nearby, or fulfill the dream of building an additional recreation room.

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